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How We Can Help

Our Formula for Success: 

Cultural              +               Economical                +            Operational 

OC Tenant delivers a forward thinking strategy for our clients to achieve their cultural, economical and operation goals. We help you think through your options, and then work with you to craft an approach that is right for you. Our unique process and comprehensive analysis provides our clients answers to the most fundamental questions:

  • Does your current location function to meet all your needs?

  • How effective is your space utilization and efficiency?

  • Does your current location excite potential recruits and allow you to retain employees?

  • Do you know what items in the lease can affect your bottom line besides the base rent?

  • Do you currently know the cost per square foot per employee?

  • Does a purchase afford more financial stability with a fixed rate loan?

  • Does your lease or purchase allow you to accommodate your future growth expectations over the next two, five, or ten years? 

  • Does your lease provide flexibility for economic shifts?

  • When is subleasing space the best option? What are the benefits and risks?  

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